Piles Treatment in Lahore | Best Piles Doctor at Zaib Hospital

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Piles Treatment in Lahore | Best Piles Doctor at Zaib Hospital

Piles Treatment 

Gastro disorders result in many healthcare clinicians, piles are one of them. These disorders include benign circumstances, such as Piles to more severe conditions such as malignancy. Piles treatment is available. The gastroenterology department in ZhongBa Hospital is providing piles treatment of the disease. We have a team of best Chinese specialists treating disease with Chinese traditional medication. Thus, the clinician needs to be familiar with these disorders as well as know-how to conduct a suitable history and physical investigation.

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Piles Treatment Clinic – Zaib Hospital Lahore

This critique shows common anorectal disorders, including proctalgia fug-ax, anal fissures, excessive perineal descent, fecal incontinence, hemorrhoids, pruritus, and provide guidelines for complete evaluation and management. Diagnosis is made by a complete history of visual inspection,  symptoms and digital rectal examination, along with selective tests.

Lifestyle, Diet, bowel habit changes are often the first-line therapy for F.I., minor irritation, and hemorrhoids. Infrared coagulation and sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids treatment are considered if conservative therapy is not effective. Surgery is for patients who show consistent symptoms of anorectal disorders. The goal of treatment for chronic fissures is to decrease the cycle of spasm and tearing. Regulating movements and Softening stool minimize trauma.

Diagnosis at (Zaib)ZB Hospital Lahore:

Nifedipine or nitroglycerin is effective for topical therapy, while injection of botulinum toxin or surgery may be needed for refractory fissures. Painful swelling describes the presentation of the anorectal abscess and Anorectal disorders. If patient immune is not compromising, we go for Abscess treatment which is usually without antibiotics. Asymptomatic Crohn’s fistula is observed, and symptomatic fistula needs surgical treatment. F.I. often responds to supplemental or dietary fiber with a timed bowel regimen.

Inject-able agents reducing the number of incontinence episodes effectively and hyaluronic acid creates barriers. Sacral nerve stimulation for F.I. has also revealed promising results. For refractory cases, we need F.I. surgery.

Best Male and Female Surgeon of Piles (Bawaseer) at Zaib Medical Center:

Proctalgia fug-ax is an anorectal pain condition that responds poorly to medicinal therapy. Biofeedback has shown some advantages and has no ill effects. Pruritus has many potential causes, with primary proctalgia fug-ax treatment directed at the underlying cause as well as reduction of perianal irritation. Topical hydrocortisone therapy can be operative but should be limited to two weeks due to its potential uses for thinning of the perianal skin.


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